10 Aug

Could the coronavirus crisis drive social care reform?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has hit us all hard, but some sectors have suffered more ...

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07 May

The National Living Wage has increased – make sure you’re getting paid enough as a paid carer

By Nick comments (0) May 07, 2020

The new rate for the National Living Wage (NLW) has been increased as of 1st ...

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17 Mar

COVID-19 (coronavirus) – what do paid carers need to know? Keeping clients safe, self-isolation and sick pay

By Nick comments (0) Mar 17, 2020

There is a lot of information going around about the novel coronavirus and the disease ...

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09 Mar

Coronavirus advice for paid carers – what you need to do

By Nick comments (0) Mar 09, 2020

As we recently reported, the UK government has released detailed guidance for those working in ...

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04 Mar

UK Government release COVID-19 guidance for carers

By Nick comments (0) Mar 04, 2020

The UK government has recently released a detailed guidance document for social and community care ...

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20 Feb

How will the new UK immigration rules impact the care system?

By Nick comments (0) Feb 20, 2020

The UK government has announced its post-Brexit immigration plans, which will favour a points-based system, ...

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