03 Dec

General Election 2019: What do the main UK political parties have to say on social care?

By Nick comments (0) Dec 03, 2019

With the General Election in the UK getting ever closer, the top three political parties ...

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29 Nov

5 Tips for writing a personal statement to engage care clients

By Nick comments (0) Nov 29, 2019

There are many reasons why you may need to write a personal statement as a ...

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06 Nov

How to spot a scam – a carer’s guide

By Nick comments (0) Nov 06, 2019

Scams and frauds are, sadly, quite commonplace and they are getting more convincing by the ...

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30 Oct

What records do you need to keep as a paid carer?

By Nick comments (0) Oct 30, 2019

When you are working as a self-employed paid carer or running a small care business ...

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15 Oct

Auto-Enrolment – What is it and are you entitled to it?

By Nick comments (0) Oct 15, 2019

You might have heard about auto-enrolment and pensions in the news. It’s been a big ...

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18 Sep

You can pick your clients – choose carefully

By Nick comments (0) Sep 18, 2019

Streamline your marketing to find the right home care clients You’ve made the decision to ...

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