06 Apr

How to prepare a contract as a self-employed paid carer

By Nick comments (0) Apr 06, 2016

When you’re working as a self-employed paid carer, or in the process of setting up ...

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03 Feb

When should you be your clients employee? The pro’s and con’s

By Nick comments (2) Feb 03, 2016

For some people being an employee of your service user will be the easiest way ...

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02 Sep

How should you structure your care business?

By Nick comments (0) Sep 02, 2015

Working out which model to use for your  care business is a really important decision, and one ...

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23 May

Working as a Paid Carer: Are you employed or self-employed?

By Nick comments (0) May 23, 2014

Whether you are employed or self-employed as a paid carer is down to a number ...

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