15 Sep

What is a Paid Carer?

By Nick comments (4) Sep 15, 2018

For many people, the most exciting element of having a Personal Budget is the fact that they ...

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22 Sep

Support workers and Paid Carers, what’s the difference?

By Nick comments (0) Sep 22, 2017

Throughout the YtB site, you will find that we refer to ‘paid carers’. However, there ...

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16 Sep

zero-hours contracts – are they really that bad?

By Nick comments (0) Sep 16, 2018

When you are looking for work in care, you may come across something called a ...

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17 Sep

Care and Support Tools – what do I need?

By Nick comments (0) Sep 17, 2018

Every paid carer needs some care and support tools.  These tools are items that will ...

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06 Mar

Are you employed or self-employed, the devil’s in the detail

By Nick comments (0) Mar 06, 2019

Employment status over whether you’re employed by your clients or self-employed is not simply a ...

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