GDPR Bundle for Paid Carers

Brief Description

GDPR Bundle to help Paid Carers meet current requirements

Brief Description

GDPR Bundle to help Paid Carers meet current requirements

You’re the Boss has put together a selection of documents to help self-employed paid carers with the requirements of GDPR Compliance.  This bundle would also be useful for individuals who employ carers.

As a self-employed paid carer, you’re considered to be a ‘Data Controller’ and as such there are specific requirements that you must meet (see our article here), you’ll then need to review the data you keep, what, why, where and when it’s deleted or updated.  You’ll need documents on data protection and you’ll need to detail what you’ll do in the case of a data breach.

This bundle brings you the tools and some outline policies to help you towards meeting the requirement.

  • Personal Data Audit Tool – a tool which helps you review (and document) the data you keep, who’s, what, why and where it’s kept and when it’s deleted or updated.  We have pre-populated almost all the answers with some sample data for Paid Carers so you don’t have to start from scratch. you can edit and add your own data to create your completed Audit Tool.
  • Client Privacy Policy – a template for you to complete and/or edit and then give to your clients.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment – to help you identify and reduce the risk of processing activity, to be used when working on anything new which involves the use of personal data
  • Data Protection Policy – required for those who have staff (so mainly for people who employ a carer, if you’re a self-employed Paid Carer and you employ staff you must be CQC registered)
  • Client Data Processing Consent Declaration – A customisable form for you to use with your clients to demonstrate consent to store and process personal data
  • Data Breach Response Policy – a template for you to customise, detailing what you will do in the event of a Data Breach.

This bundle is made up of the following documents

  • Personal Data Audit Form – Word document, 9 pages.  Pre-populated with much of the information a Paid Carer would need to consider.
  • Client Data Processing Consent Declaration – Word document, 1 page.  Form to use with clients
  • Client Privacy Policy – Word document, 4 pages.  Template policy to give to clients, includes a table to summarise the information from the Personal Data Audit Tool
  • Data Breach Response Policy – Word document, 2 pages.  Template policy which details what you will do in the event of a data breach
  • Data Protection Policy – Word document, 5 pages.  Template policy, only required for those who employ staff.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment – Word document, 4 pages.  A tool to help you identify and reduce the risk of a particular processing activity, useful for new activities which have not been included in the Personal Data Audit.




All documents have been written in Microsoft Word.



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