You’re the Boss was created by Nichola Goom and Chloe Carey to help address some of the issues that are there for people who need care and support and people who provide care and support.


You’re the Boss exists to make a positive social impact, looking out for the most vulnerable people in society and those who help them. We help people to get the support they need to stay well, living where they want to live and being who they want to be.


You’re the Boss provides a website supplying tools and resources to those who provide care and support and those who receive care and support.


In 2010 Nichola, who has worked in the care and support sector for many years, approached Chloe with a vision of providing a resource for individuals who provide care and support. This vision developed and refined to become an online resource for both those providing and requiring care and support.

The years since have seen us business business planning; setting up the company; raising finance; market analysis and testing; developing the specification for the website; and writing and developing phase one and phase two of the website.

Running alongside the limited company is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which will promote the free resources available on the site, will run community events & subsidised care training and, when the company starts to generate a profit, will receive a profit share from the company to further develop these aims.

Vision For The Future

The current website is phase two but we still have big plans.  We have moved from just having some information on the site, to becoming a membership organisation providing tools, resources and an online community to people who provide care and support.  For clarity and ease of use we have split the site in two.  This half gives information and resources to those who provide care and support.  The other half information and resources to those who need it.

Phase three will see even more integration and tools.  We anticipate that this will be gradual and ongoing development rather than the step change that we had between phase one and two.  If you’re interested in investing or just want to talk to us further about developing phase three please contact us.