As part of our Paid Carer Register You’re the Boss can process DBS checks online for self employed carers and support workers who need an enhanced DBS check.

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The Issue of Getting a DBS Check as a Self-Employed carer – solved.

Contrary to popular belief not everyone can get a DBS check or request someone else has a DBS check – you can see our full article on this on our Paid Carer site here.  It has to be someone who is employed in a job which includes using this information, as part of an appropriate range of pre-recruitment checks, someone who is making a decision about that individuals suitability for the role they’ve applied for.

We understand that many people who employ or contract with Paid Carers want the reassurance of knowing that the person caring for them, or their loved one, has been DBS checked.  You’re the Boss has liaised with DBS over this issue, by providing a register of YtB Accredited Carers who as part of their suitability check for accreditation have an enhanced DBS check, we are able to provide this service.

So you can recommend to your paid carers that they undergo YtB Accreditation before commencing work, or you can look through the list and choose a carer who is already YtB Accredited.   In some instances we know that employers will wish to take on the cost of this check themselves and in some instances it will be the carer who funds their own accreditation.  If it’s the paid carer who’s paying then we’d suggest they go through the YtB Paid Carer site as there are lots of articles on that site to help them.


Who Can Apply

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YtB Accredited status is only for people who are offering a care service that includes what is referred to as “Regulated Activity” including personal care (see here for a full explanation of this term or for Premium Subscribers click here for our article)

You should be aware that we will require you to apply for an enhanced DBS check. This will check as to whether you have a criminal record or are on any banned list. We will not receive any details as a result of this application but it is a requirement of entry on to the register that you have a clear certificate as a result of this application. Please see our Safeguarding policy.

In order to be entered on to our register you must

  • Undergo an enhanced DBS check including barred list check (including submitting ID for verification)
  • Demonstrate that you are eligible to work in the UK (evidence will need to be supplied)

If you have indicated that they intend to be self-employed they have also

  • Demonstrate that you have suitable public liability insurance in place (evidence will need to be supplied)
  • Indicated that you intend to use a suitable and fair contract with clients
  • Indicated that you have the following policies and procedures in place
  • Safeguarding Policy (could be known as Adult and/or Children Protection from Abuse Policy)
  • Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure
  • Complaints Process for clients

You can find template contracts, safeguarding polices, risk assessment policy and procedures, complaints policy, and training needs assessments here.

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Additional Information

You’re the Boss reserves the right to ask for further evidence of your compliance with the criteria if it has any reason to doubt that any statements you make are true.

Any information provided by you through this process will be treated in strictest confidence in line with You’re the Boss’s Privacy Policy . We will normally seek your consent to share any information, but there may be instances when there is a public interest reason to share this information without consent e.g. in relation to a safeguarding alert

Entry on the Register does not guarantee you any employment. It only indicates that you are a Paid Carer who could be considered by people in need of care or those arranging care for them.  Anyone looking to employ or contract with you will need to make their own decision and take references in order to satisfy themselves that you have the skills and expertise which are going to be able to meet their needs.

From time to time You’re the Boss may become privy to information or allegations concerning a Paid Carer that leads to their suspension or removal from the Register. We will always inform you of the reasons for that, and what will happen next. We may also need to initiate a referral to DBS if we believe that since the issue of the DBS Certificate you have committed a criminal offence.

Otherwise your place on the Register will remain for 2 years, unless you ask for it to be withdrawn. If you have subscribed to the DBS Update Service then you will need to give your permission for us to inspect the update if you wish to remain on the Register (and there will likely be a small additional charge). Alternatively, you will need to request a new DBS check in order to continue.

You can check our Safeguarding Policy which gives you more idea of what we expect of Paid Carers on our register.
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